About Mike's

Mike's All Purpose Seasonings all began in my kitchen in Winterhaven, Florida. Unable to find a seasoning with a combination of great flavor and low sodium to use for my catering business, I embarked on a journey to create my own. The process took seven years, but I developed an exceptional blend of herbs and spices which became mike's All Purpose Seasonings " Original Recipe".

The "Original Recipe" was made available to the public in 2008. Then, I created three additional gourmet seasonings "Spicy Recipe", "Healthy Recipe" Low Sodium, and "Healthy Recipe' Tangy, salt-free. After moving to Crystal Springs, MS and marrying the love of my life, Mrs.Elaine in 2012 , Mike's seasonings popularity started to grow rapidly. This prompted me to continue to develop products and since then I have added two additional gourmet seasonings and six sauces. These seasonings, glazes, and sauces add superb flavor to any meal. Sprinkle, rub, marinate these unique blends on your favorite foods and "Bring The Flavor To Life!!"

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